Al-Marjan: Journal of Islamic Family Law

Al-Marjan: Journal of Islamic Family Law, published by Departmen of Islamic Family Law, Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Economy, State Islamic University Bengkalis 2019.

The subject covers textual and fieldwork studies with various perspectives of Islamic Family Law, Islam and gender discourse, and legal drafting of Islamic Civil law.

Al-Marjan: Journal of Islamic Family Law, published twice a year in Mey and November that always places Islamic Family Law, Gender Discourse, and Islamic Civil Law in the central focus of academic inquiry and invites any comprehensive observation of Islam Family Law as a normative Islam and a system of society and Muslims as those who practice the religion with their many facets.

Authors who want to submit their paper to the Al-Marjan: Journal of Islamic Family Law should obey the writing guidelines. If the paper submitted is not appropriate with the guidelines or written in a different format, it will be rejected by the editors before further reviewed. The editors will only accept the paper which meet the assigned format.

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